Make a difference at The Commons at Union Ranch in Manteca, California

Making a Difference

Doing the Good Work

At The Commons at Union Ranch, we embrace the Japanese concept of Yoi Shigoto, or “the good work,” by stepping in and stepping up to help our community wherever and however we can. We believe that positively impacting our team members, residents, families, and neighbors through selfless endeavors within our sphere of influence connects our spirits and creates a prosperous and enduring future for all.

On the corporate level, MBK sponsors leadership retreats that work to support nonprofit organizations such as Together We Rise, which seeks to transform the way children experience foster care. Individual MBK Senior Living communities have organized events to support the local Humane Society, cancer awareness, senior programs including Meals On Wheels, and many more causes dear to their hearts.


Senior making clothing at The Commons at Union Ranch in Manteca, California
Strong seniors at The Commons at Union Ranch in Manteca, California

A Commitment to What’s Right

Beyond volunteering for nonprofits and engaging in community service, Yoi Shigoto means an overarching commitment to doing what’s right. At The Commons at Union Ranch, we are dedicated to doing right by our residents and their families, without a selfish desire for our own personal gain or company profit. Yoi Shigoto is ingrained in the culture of The Commons at Union Ranch, from our parent company, Mitsui & Co. down to everyday interactions in each of our communities. In practicing the concept of Yoi Shigoto, we believe that when a company does the right thing for its customers, profits fall into place.

Together We Care, Together We Thrive

Every community in the MBK family follows its own unique path to making a difference in the world, and The Commons at Union Ranch is no exception. Our people are always on the lookout for opportunities to benefit communities both close to home and far away. Yoi Shigoto encompasses:

  • Volunteer opportunities for team members, residents, and families
  • Increased awareness of and compassion for communities that are marginalized
  • Actions for positive impact on local and global levels

Contact us to find out more about Yoi Shigoto, and how we’re working to make a difference at The Commons at Union Ranch.

MBK family at The Commons at Union Ranch in Manteca, California

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