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Is Memory Care the Right Option for Your Loved One?

The MBK Mind + Body Wellness Memory Care program is designed for seniors living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. We help residents with their unique needs and preserve their sense of self through daily exercise, socialization, and entertainment. Our cognitive support program may be a good fit if you are:

  • Worried about the safety and security of your loved one because of their changing cognitive abilities.
  • Noticing a change in your loved one’s personal care and/or social life because of their memory loss.
  • Experiencing caregiver burnout while caring for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

We see each individual as a whole person who happens to also have a condition that causes cognitive changes. We believe respect and dignity are vital to the overall well-being and health of any older adult, especially those with cognitive issues.

Available in select MBK communities, our Memory Care neighborhoods are specifically designated for those needing mindful living and cognitive support. This provides many advantages for people living with dementia, including enhanced security, a more communal living approach, closer attention and supervision, and an emphasis on engagement.

The Benefits of Memory Care Neighborhoods

  • Accepting Social Environment: Cognitive support neighborhoods offer a lifestyle that is more group-oriented and less isolating than other senior living models such as Independent Living and Assisted Living.
  • Family/Home Environment: The environment is much more like living in a family home rather than an apartment building or hotel.
  • Structured Routines: Residents are gently led through structured daily routines that ensure their needs are met and allow them to function at their highest capacity.
  • Wellness Program for People with Dementia: Our Mind+Body Wellness Program is delivered to Memory Care residents in an active way that ensures engagement and prevents withdrawal and depression. 
  • Safety and Security: The environment is designed for people with cognitive differences in ways that reduce risks, promote engagement, and facilitate closer oversight of residents’ location and needs at all times. 
  • Specialized Services: Cognitive support neighborhoods are managed by trained professionals who understand the unique needs of people living with dementia. Their expertise ensures residents receive the attention and support they need to thrive. 
  • Family Peace of Mind: Knowing that their loved one is in a safe, loving environment and receiving expert support can provide immense relief to family members.  
  • Personalized Care Plans: Dementia varies in progression and symptoms. Cognitive support programs ensure that each resident has a care plan tailored to their unique needs, desires, and abilities. 
  • Access to Therapeutic Interventions: Our memory care communities periodically offer music therapy, art therapy, pet therapy, and other specialized interventions that can enhance cognitive function and emotional well-being. 
  • Nutritional Support: Ensuring residents receive nutritious, balanced meals tailored to their health needs can be a challenge at home but is a cornerstone in cognitive support communities.  
  • Family Support and Education: Beyond supporting the resident, we offer resources, counseling, and education for families to better understand and cope with their family member’s changes. 
  • Consistent Medical Monitoring: With regular health checks and immediate access to medical assistance, any changes in a resident's health can be addressed promptly. 
  • Flexibility for Future Health Needs: As dementia progresses, the needs of residents can change. Being in a community that supports cognitive decline ensures that as needs evolve, the appropriate care adjustments can be made seamlessly. 
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Mind+Body Wellness

Mind + Body Wellness at MBK is about promoting longevity and vitality while supporting total wellness. MBK is dedicated to providing residents with a healthy, vibrant lifestyle that ensures autonomy, connection, and purpose. Residents in memory care receive the same wellness program provided in our Independent Living and Assisted Living environments.

This means we:

  • Help every resident find their purpose and maintain meaningful connections. 
  • Help our residents on their journey to psychological and physical wellness. 
  • Are mindful and flexible – adapting the environment and services to meet changing needs. 
  • Nurture and facilitate the continued involvement of each person in the greater community and at the heart of their family. 
  • Gather complete lifestyle information to tailor lifestyle activities to each individual. 
  • Form groups within the community around common interests and goals (we are a community of friends!). 
  • Continually re-invent our program offerings through the ongoing reevaluation of resident and community needs. 

experience a person-centered approach

Our core belief at MBK is that people experiencing the cognitive changes of dementia are just that—people going through a particular challenge. Dementia doesn’t diminish their personhood, rights, dignity, or ability to participate in life decisions and be in the driver’s seat with the targeted support they need. Because people with dementia remain the authors of their own lives, we can help them continue to realize their greatest possible potential within the possibilities remaining despite their dementia. Our approach is to empower each individual to leverage their remaining abilities to live the best life they can for as long as possible. 

Is your family affected by a loved one’s dementia? Download our free handout Staying Connected: A Guidebook for Families Affected by Dementia by MBK Senior Living

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