Privacy policy for Hillcrest of Loveland in Loveland, Colorado

MBK Senior Living Covid Safety Protocols

The well-being and health of residents, team members, and communities remains our top priority during this COVID-19 crisis. For the latest Coronavirus updates, visit our page here.


To date, we are diligently following more than 20 heightened protocols 24 hours a day at each of our communities. We are proud to feature:

  • Accushield Kiosk- A touchless thermometer records body temperature and asks COVID-19 screening questions of all community visitors upon the required front desk check-in
  • Gazebo Partitions- These custom dividers allow for our outdoor living spaces to be transformed into a gathering area conformed with social distancing practices
  • Electrostatic Sprayers- Our Directors of Environmental Services have become “Covidbusters” as this sprayer quickly provides maximum coverage of disinfecting solutions

Additional steps include:

  • Staying up-to-date and in compliance with all CDC and local health agencies guidelines and recommendations.
  • We are providing on-going education to all employees on personal hygiene, proper usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and community sanitation best practices and protocols.
  • All employees and essential visitors are required to wear face masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines when inside the community.
  • We are minimizing employee-to-employee and employee-to-resident contact while in the building.
  • We are utilizing proper PPE (mask, gown, gloves and eye protection) and changing PPE appropriately when caring for residents who are showing symptoms.
  • We have installed handwashing stations outside our community and we require all employees and essential visitors to wash their hands prior to entering.
  • We are screening all essential visitors upon entering the community for signs, symptoms and recording temperatures.
  • We are screening all team members at the start of shift for signs, symptoms, and recording temperatures at the start and end of shifts. In addition, all team members are encouraged to stay home if they are feeling sick.
  • Handheld radios, tablets, laptops, keyboards, shared desks and cart handles are disinfected at the end of each shift, before being turned over to the next shift.
  • All residents are strongly discouraged from leaving or returning to their MBK community unless it is for an essential medical appointment.
  • We continue to sanitize all common areas daily using an EPA-approved sanitizing solutions, and utilize NSF-approved dishwashing techniques.
  • All deliveries have been re-routed to loading docks to limit outside persons in our community common areas, while ensuring that our community is well stocked.
  • Additional in-service training is being provided to all team members to ensure that our team members understand and follow our protocols.