Dining experience at Mountlake Terrace Plaza in Mountlake Terrace, Washington

Dining Experience

MBK Cuisine

We believe you deserve a restaurant-quality dining experience. To nourish both your mind and body, we are proud to offer the MBK Cuisine dining options at Mountlake Terrace Plaza. Our professional and well-trained chefs prepare three delicious meals a day. Created with fresh ingredients and seasonal flavors, our culinary dishes elevate the everyday dining experience. Stop by in the morning for made-to-order waffles. In the afternoon, enjoy an all-beef hamburger with fries or a homemade grilled chicken caesar salad. For dinner, treat yourself to lobster macaroni and cheese or savor the flavors of our grilled Chinook salmon dish with cilantro-lime butter. If you do not see your favorite dish on the menu, let us know! Every month, we pass out a dining survey where residents can make suggestions for upcoming meals.


Seniors toasting at Mountlake Terrace Plaza in Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Fruits and Veggies at Mountlake Terrace Plaza in Mountlake Terrace, Washington

Food for Mind & Body

Good food is the key to good health. By eating seasonal ingredients and enjoying fresh produce and new flavor profiles, we promote optimal health and wellness. Our MBK Cuisine chefs are committed to creating meals that satiate your cravings and tickle your taste buds. To ensure your favorite meals are served, fill out the monthly dining survey. Our chefs love creating meals based on resident requests. Other highlights of our dining options include:

  • Monthly Champagne Brunch
  • Holiday Celebrations & Special Occasions
  • Always Available Menu
  • Chef’s Special Menu
  • All-Day Dining in Casual Bistro
  • Weekly Action Stations Offering Made-to-Order Pasta, Custom Omelettes, Freshly Carved Meat & More
  • Live Food Demonstrations Prepared Tableside
  • Salad Bar Serving Fresh Greens Daily

Get in touch with the team at Mountlake Terrace Plaza today for more information about our MBK Cuisine dining program. We’d love to have you stop by for a meal.