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Highland Glen is committed to offering residents the best care and services possible. Our signature programming supports mind, body, and spirit, helping you or your loved one live every day to its fullest.


Highland Glen Connections for living

MBK Senior Living
Connections for Living

At Highland Glen, we believe that when a person has Alzheimer’s or another dementia-causing condition, it does not just affect the person, but their entire family. It is extremely important that families and friends stay connected to their loved ones, that each resident feels connected to the world, and our team members create connections on a daily basis.


Highland Glen Yoi Shigoto

MBK Senior Living
Yoi Shigoto - gives back

Highland Glen embraces Yoi Shigoto – or “the good work” – a philosophy that inspires us to serve our greater community through volunteerism and charitable giving. Wherever you or your loved one is on life’s journey, Yoi Shigoto helps residents find new meaning and engagement, build self-confidence, and bring joy through assisting others.

Like a drop of water, Yoi Shigoto begins small but creates a ripple effect that can be felt by many.


Highland Glen Cuisine icon

MBK Senior Living

MBK Cuisine is the perfect recipe. It's just the right mix of choice food selections, comfort food, culinary creativity, and hospitality and customer service. The culmination is what everyone craves – nutritious, expertly prepared, and beautifully presented meals that any foodie would love. There's always room for you at our table.

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Highland Glen Mind + Body Wellness icon

MBK Senior Living
Mind+Body Wellness

At Highland Glen, we believe what is good for the body is good for the mind. We call this mind and body connection. Building on the substantial body of scientific research illuminating the mind-body connection to health and well-being, our MBK Senior Living Mind+Body Wellness approach provides residents the opportunity to choose from a number of activities, classes, and programs that enrich the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

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