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Senior Living Makes the Holidays Bright for Older Adults and Their Loved Ones


Festive parties. Family traditions. Loved ones surrounding us. The holidays can be filled with warmth and excitement but for many seniors, this time of year can bring about feelings of loneliness and depression.

Older adults who live in a senior living community are surrounded by the sights and sounds of the season with lively festivities, celebrations with friends, and delectable holiday cuisine. When a loved one moves into a senior living community during the holidays, they are wrapped in the spirit of the season as they meet new friends and participate in a variety of social activities, all while feeling safe and secure.

Senior Living Makes the Holidays Bright

Senior living communities can be the perfect place during the holiday season, especially for those who have lost loved ones or yearn for the joyful experience of past holidays. In fact, it’s often the best time of year to move into senior living—when communities are especially festive and bustling with activities, all planned to make residents feel connected and engaged in the spirit of the season.

Moving into a senior living community may bring up feelings of apprehension for the entire family, but the holiday season helps ease the transition with countless fun events for residents to engage in with their new neighbors. What better time to meet friends and explore their new surroundings? It’s also a great time of year for families to help their aging loved ones decorate their new suites and experience new traditions.

Omayra Gingery, Director of Wellness Programming at Huntington Terrace in Huntington Beach, California said that their community “always has lots of fun” and shared some of the following activities planned over the holidays:

  • Decorate Christmas trees

  • Bake cookies for the fire department

  • Donate food to the food bank

  • Music and caroling

  • Dinners with friends and family

  • Holiday movie nights

  • Live music every Wednesday

  • Religious services to celebrate their faith

  • Seasonal arts and crafts

  • Viewing Christmas lights 

  • The Nutcracker at Huntington Beach High School Theater

  • New Year celebration with live music and champagne

At The Inn at Greenwood Village in Greenwood Village, CO, Jewish residents will be lighting a menorah and making potato pancakes in celebration of Hanukkah. 

Angel Albanez, Director of Sales at MBK’s McDowell Village shared his perception about the holidays and senior living: “The holidays are such a special time at McDowell Village because so many people get involved in the spirit of the holiday. People have an excuse to share with one another how much love and appreciation they have for Village Family. Happiness comes from giving and there’s so much giving and thus so much happiness all year, but especially during the holidays.”

At McDowell Village, residents will participate in a white elephant exchange and a beautiful family champagne brunch. One of their favorite things to do is put stockings on every resident’s door on Christmas Eve with little gifts from Santa.


Did You Know?

It’s lonely by yourself.

  • Loneliness can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.1

  • Seniors who suffer from loneliness have a 64% higher risk of dementia.2

  • Loneliness can also increase the risk of mortality by 50% higher than the effects of air pollution, obesity, and excessive alcohol use.3

  • Lonely seniors have a 59% higher risk of physical and mental health decline.2

  • 31% of older adults feel lonely during the holiday season and nearly half (43%) have worried about a friend or family member who was lonely during the holidays.4

  • 80% of seniors feel that social activities increase their knowledge, help them gain self-confidence, and provide an opportunity to try new things.5

  • Activities contribute to seniors’ emotional well-being by 90% and help them relieve stress by 85%.5

Seniors are happier in senior living.

  • 94% of residents in senior living communities say they are happy with their overall quality of life.6

  • 90% of residents are satisfied with the care and services they receive.6

  • 99% of residents in senior living say they feel completely safe. 6


Why a Holiday Move to Senior Living Is Ideal

  • Community awaits you. Making the move to a senior living community during the holidays makes the adjustment to your new home easier. You can participate in a variety of activities, build friendships, and be a part of a lively and vibrant environment where you can thrive. 

  • Hospitality awaits you. Our seasoned culinary team delivers both classic and seasonal-inspired dishes created from the freshest ingredients. Healthy and delicious meals are served throughout the day in our dining room. No matter what's on the menu, the best part of dining with us is getting to enjoy meals with your new friends and neighbors.

  • Peace of mind awaits you. Feeling at home means feeling secure in the knowledge that your health and well-being are fully supported. You'll gain greater peace of mind by knowing that our dedicated team is onsite and available whenever you need them. Beyond your care needs, you'll find comfort in leaving the laundry, linens, housekeeping, and maintenance services up to us. 

Whether your loved one is a private person, a social butterfly, or a little of both, moving to senior living during the holidays has numerous benefits. It provides the gift of greater peace of mind and the comfort of high-quality care and joy-filled days. Between tree trimmings, decorating, holiday parties, carolers, trips out to enjoy holiday light displays, gingerbread house making, musical performances, and philanthropic events, the choices are endless. Residents can participate in as much or as little as they choose and families can let go of the worry of caring for their loved one, especially if they travel over the holidays to visit their kids and grandkids. Rest assured, it is possible to spend the holidays focusing on your kids and other family, travel, shop, and other activities confidently knowing that your mom, dad, or other senior loved one is well taken care of and enjoying the holidays as well.


Still not sure if a move is right for you or your loved one? Call one of our communities today to schedule a personal tour and learn how you can come home to MBK Senior Living this holiday season.


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