Make a difference at MBK Senior Living in Irvine, California

Making a Difference

Yoi Shigoto - "The Good Work"

Yoi Shigoto simply translated from Japanese means "the good work." As a division of Mitsui & Co., LTD, we embrace Yoi Shigoto as part of the core values that guide our behavior. We believe that it is our responsibility to do good work to positively impact our residents, their families and our associates, as well as the local community and even the world.

Through selfless endeavors within our sphere of influence, we strive to make a difference in each others' lives and the lives of those working and living within the communities we serve. We work together as a company and in concert with our community partners to create a prosperous and enduring future for all.

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Working together at MBK Senior Living in Irvine, California

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