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Puzzle Me This: Brain Health & Fitness


January 29th is National Puzzle Day, a day originally initiated by Jodi Jill as a way to share her enjoyment of puzzles. However, the fact is there is mounting evidence that puzzles can do much more than provide simple enjoyment. Studies show that puzzles can help people reduce cognitive decline, boost brain power (IQ), lower stress, and much more.

At MBK Senior Living communities, residents find a variety of brain games on our communities’ activities calendars. From word games to trivia night to weekly crosswords over coffee to brainteasers puzzles, residents socialize with friends and neighbors while also keeping their brains active and engaged.  

“It really isn’t very puzzling at all – brain teasers offer huge benefits, no matter your age but especially to seniors,” said Crystal Roberts, Corporate Director of Resident Enrichment. “Brain games can help strengthen your cognitive function, improve your mood and even delay dementia.”

To keep your brain agile and fit, consider partaking regularly in these puzzling activities:

Word Search & Crosswords: Word searches and crossword puzzles not only increase vocabulary but also one’s language skills. Crossword puzzles increase our ability to research and spell words as well as learn new phrases. 

Sudoku: Sudoku tests memory and logical thinking while also stimulating the brain and improving number skills.

Jigsaw: Jigsaw puzzles help improve memory, sharpen mental speed and though processing, and increase problem-solving skills and visual-spatial reasoning.

Download the Latest Apps: Smartphone apps like Lumosity and HQ offer fun ways to take fun, challenging brain games with you wherever you go. Plus, many offer the ability to challenge friends and family, adding a fun way to connect with loved ones near and far. Visit your app store to learn more.


To learn more about how MBK Senior Living supports residents’ brain fitness and function, visit a MBK community near you. Click here to view a complete list of locations, www.MBKseniorliving.com.


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