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MBK Resident Sarah “Spike” Mayer Hits a Home Run for Women in 1940s America


MBK Resident Sarah “Spike” Mayer Hits a Home Run for Women in 1940s America With her height and a nickname like “Spike,” 93-year-old Sarah Mayer was born to play sports. She thrived on the basketball and volleyball courts, but it was in softball that she “made it big.” During the 20 years of her softball career, Sarah played every position on the field but excelled at pitching and playing first and third bases.

In the mid-1940s at age 20, she enlisted in the Air Force, where she was able to serve her country. Sarah also continued her passion for softball, thanks to Briggs Manufacturing Co. that paid her to play in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (yes, the same one featured in the hit movie, A League of Their Own.) She played for two years then left to Texas where she was stationed for recruiting duty.

Now a resident at Welbrook Arlington, an MBK Senior Living Community in Riverside, California, Sarah continues to bring others joy and expresses gratitude for her experiences. Most recently, Sarah shared her experiences as part of MBK Senior Living’s “Around the World” program that provides the opportunity for residents to experience new places, foods, and music as well recount fond memories from the past.

Last year, the program focused on monthly “trips” to various countries where residents were exposed to the sights, sounds and tastes of various cultures. From popular dishes from around the world to exotic dancers to extraordinary musicians playing traditional songs, residents were completely immersed the culture of Africa, Greece, Canada, Brazil, China and many more.

“It’s all about engaging the mind, body and spirit – something that lends to seniors living a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle,” said Crystal Roberts, Corporate Director of Resident Enrichment. “While many of our residents still travel, others enjoyed globe-trotting from the comfort of home where they could share insight from past travels abroad.”

According to Roberts, this year’s Around the World program is focused on traveling “Through the Decades.” It provides an opportunity for resident to reflect and share with one another the various experiences they’ve lived. An activity that promotes brain health, socialization and peer-to-peer support.

“We didn’t know about Sarah’s rich background and extraordinary experiences until this program was announced,” said Roberts. “Through natural sharing of what she was doing in the 40’s, we and her fellow residents learned so much!”

To celebrate the 1940s, Welbrook Arlington featured a Franklin Roosevelt who provided an in-depth look at FDR’s life. Residents also celebrated the decade with a fried chicken luncheon. Another popular activity was a discussion of inventions and popular slang of the 1940s, which sparked a lot of reminiscing. It was, as they would’ve said back in the day, a gas!

When asked what the most memorable event in her life is, Sarah said, “Everything! Everything I did was for love, and I’ve had a wonderful life.”

Learn how MBK’s signature programs and dedicated staff enrich the lives of residents at www.mbkseniorliving.com.

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