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Fitness at Every Age: Celebrating the Olympian in Each of Us!


Fitness at Every Age: Celebrating the Olympian in Each of Us!


The Olympics are incredible. The speed, the skill, the strength, the grace of the athletes who participate are truly amazing. While they dedicate years of their lives to achieve peak performance, by spending just 30 minutes a day moving, seniors can experience the many benefits of exercise – and feel like a champion.


Walking, swimming, fitness classes, cycling, and more are all activities available to MBK residents. In fact, three of our residents have taken fitness to Olympian heights. Their stories are inspiring.


Don Dellenbach, Olympian Ski Patrol Hero

Raised on a farm in the Utah mountains, Don Dellenbach grew up skiing. He even skied to school and eventually became a master skier. He was drafted into the ski patrol for the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California. His many duties included keeping the mountain clear and safe for contestants, ensuring the ski lift was working, and helping rescue injured contestants.


Working the ski patrol required Don to be physically fit, which he did by riding horses and sailing. He was inspired by parents who were also great skiers. Don retired as a ski patrol leader after 25 years and was given a medal of honor. After the Olympics he went to Heavenly Valley Ski area in California next to Lake Tahoe, where he met his late wife Barbara—who was also on the ski patrol.


Don still keeps fit at our The Commons at Dallas Ranch community in Antioch, Calif. He attends morning fitness exercise classes every day and walks around the block after every meal. He also keeps his mind active by participating in the “show-and-tell” activity.


Bert Eastmond, A Bright Star

Bert Eastmond may have lost his eyesight, but he is a shining example of fitness and optimism to residents and associates alike. Nearly 80 “years young,” Bert learned when he was 17 that he might lose his vision due to macular generation. He started to live his life as if the “lights could go out at any time.” That didn’t happen until he and his late wife were three months into their mission for the LDS Church.


Yet Bert hasn’t let his lack of eyesight slow him down. He has been at MBK’s Charleston at Cedar Hills in Utah since April 2014, where Bert conducts the community’s mobility exercise class four days a week. He is a highly popular instructor. Bert says, “I wonder if I am pushing them too far, but they clap and say no!”


Jo Roalkvam, Power Islander

Jo Roalkvam, a resident of our Island House Assisted Living community in Mercer Island, Wash., has always been on the go and dedicated to fitness. As soon as she moved in, Jo started attending all the exercise classes. And now, she teaches a Sunday stretch-and-aerobics class and leads the Saturday morning balloon volleyball class. What’s more, she starts her day with a mile walk on the treadmill followed by a 30- to 45-minute exercise class – and weather, Jo walks a mile in the local park and rides an exercise bike for 50 minutes after dinner. Jo and her husband, John, also represented Island House in the two-mile walk for Alzheimer’s two years in a row.


Start Your Fitness Journey Today

Don, Bert, and Jo have an Olympic-strength dedication to health and fitness. Their stories show that whatever stage and age of life, we can get moving and get happy. MBK Senior Living offers residents a full range of signature programs that support and enhance the lives of residents in a personal and innovative way. Contact us to learn more.

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