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We live in a “Google-it” or “Ask Siri” sort of world. When seeking answers and “how-to,” we often turn to our digital search engine to explore the way. While it can provide answers to a myriad of simple day-to-day questions, when tackling an important topic such as future life planning and senior living options or long-term support for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, the mass of information can be frustrating and the sources questionable.

When you’re looking for a trusted resource that you can depend on, a supportive partner on your journey of discovery, a source of information or expertise, where do you start?

Simply put – start here. Introducing the MBK Blog.

Through the MBK Blog, you’ll hear twice monthly from our in-house experts as well a variety of our industry connections on topics of interest. You’ll hear personal experiences from our residents and their families. You’ll find useful tips and tools, practical resources and insights and innovative ideas to help you. Our Blog is an extension of the supportive person-focused service and care that is exemplified within our senior living communities. With the same goal, to exceed expectations and enrich lives.

Whether you’re exploring your senior living options, dealing with the demands of caregiving, providing ongoing support for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s, eager to maintain your independence, seeking comfort, need some suggestions, or are simply looking for a few words of sage advice – you’ll find the resources you’re after readily available here.

We look forward to lending you our experience, sharing our expertise and above all being your trusted resource in senior living and care. We hope you will come back often, share what you learn with others and let us know how we are doing. Welcome to the MBK Blog.

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