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At Northgate Plaza in Seattle, Washington, you take center stage. Our active Assisted Living community in the heart of the city sets up you or your loved one to live your next chapter to the fullest. From our gorgeous grounds and long list of phenomenal amenities to an ideal urban location near shopping, parks, and public transportation, Northgate Plaza offers an unmatched senior living lifestyle. All while providing a level of care and attention that meets you where you are on life’s journey. We put you or your loved one squarely in the spotlight, getting to know your likes, dislikes, and life story to craft a perfectly personalized care plan. And we will continue to listen and honor your voice so that we can adjust your care plan as your needs change over time. At Northgate Plaza, we want you to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. We are here for you, just as we have been for more than 30 years.

The residents of Northgate Plaza are our heroes, and we are honored to be your trusty guide. At our Seattle, Washington, Assisted Living community, we work together, and we look forward to working with you. Call today to schedule a virtual or in-person tour.

Yoi Shigoto

At Northgate Plaza, we harness the power of paying it forward through Yoi Shigoto. Translated in Japanese, Yoi Shigoto means “the good work,” and it is a philosophy at the center of all we do. The good work is a fixture of life at all MBK Senior Living communities, where residents and associates work side by side to give back to their greater communities through volunteerism and charitable giving. Studies have shown that giving back holds tremendous benefits for not only those being helped, but also for those doing the work.

Yoi Shigoto is like a single drop of water that creates ripples felt by many. Start creating your own ripples – reach out today to learn more.

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Assisted Living

Greater confidence and independence await, thanks to care plans and support personalized to your unique needs.


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Short-Term Stays

An engaging community and dedicated care team will be here for you no matter how long your stay.


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Where to Begin at Northgate Plaza in Seattle, Washington

Where to Begin

Northgate Plaza offers top-notch amenities, enriching classes, an engaging calendar of daily activities, and the life-changing benefits of our Yoi Shigoto program.

We can’t wait to tell you more!

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Is it time to get help at Northgate Plaza in Seattle, Washington

Is It Time To Get Help?

Not sure what level of care is right for you or your loved one? Using the Roobrik Engagement Platform, we can help you match your care needs with the right senior care options.

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Lifestyle & Services

Keeping your loved one safe, happy, and well cared for is just part of what we do. We’re also dedicated to providing resources that help promote wellness, connections, meaningful moments, and a life lived well. Here are a few of the ways we accomplish just that through the use of technology!

Connected Living is an online portal that residents and families can access through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The intuitive and easy-to-use portal is a one-stop shop for the community’s Mind+Body Wellness calendar, MBK Cuisine daily menus, staff directories, demo videos, photos of community events and outings, and more. Plus, for greater convenience, Connected Living can be integrated with Alexa. Connected Living simplifies staff workflow, enhance resident engagement and provide swift communications to everyone in our communities – and their families.

Eversound is a wireless listening system for seniors with hearing impairment or concentration issues. The system can be used in large groups, small groups, and one-on-one interactions to break down communication barriers between others, aid residents in feeling connected, and support social, educational, and physical endeavors. Utilizing Eversound technology helps to elevate the offerings and benefits to residents. Those with a thirst for knowledge, or simply a curiosity to try something new, enjoy the variety of activities and outings – and now are not limited by what they can hear.

iN2L is a content-driven engagement program designed to create meaningful experiences for older adults by connecting them to the world around them. iN2L is easy to use and requires no computer experience. iN2L focuses on bringing people together, connecting residents with what interests and fulfills them and offering of resident an adaptable, easy-to-use way to enjoy lifelong passions; play games; stay active with exercise and therapy activities; view sermons and listen to hymns; and complete trivia and puzzles that support brain fitness.

Joy for All companion pets are designed to bring comfort, companionship, and ease of care. These innovative robo-pets help alleviate social isolation, loneliness, and cognitive decline by delivering comfort and joy. Each pet has a real-fur feel and calming heartbeat. Their built-in sensors respond to motion and touch like a real pet. Cuddling with a Joy For All companion pet , reignites memories of childhood pets, helps residents to have increased meaningful interactions and provides a calming effect on those who feel anxious.

Rendever is a leading provider of turnkey Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for older adults to demonstrate the benefits of reducing social isolation through shared experiences. Whether it’s revisiting their childhood home, touring destinations around the world or playing with a room full of puppies, Rendever transports residents in a safe, engaging and unique way. Imagine touring Europe’s most illustrious museums, hiking the Grand Canyon, swimming with dolphins or trying hot air ballooning or sky diving – all from the comfort of your arm chair.

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We are so impressed with the management and team members for their caring and thorough approach to keeping the residents safe and happy.

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