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How to Choose the Right Senior Living Option

Navigating the many senior living options available today can seem overwhelming at first for seniors and their loved ones. Should seniors stay in their own homes, live with family or move to a senior living community? What level of care would they need? How do they choose the right community out of all the available options?

At MBK Senior Living, we understand that choosing the right senior living option is not a decision that anyone takes lightly. Our goal is to provide as much information and guidance as possible, so seniors and their families can make an informed and confident decision. We are pleased to offer resources from Where You Live Matters, a website operated by the American Seniors Housing Association.

Where You Live Matters offers everything from editorials and infographics to videos and checklists -- everything seniors and their families need as they explore their senior living options. Please see below for a few featured resources, and be sure to visit for even more information.

You can also find helpful information about senior living on our MBK Blog.

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Helpful Resources from "Where You Live Matters"

Worksheets & Guides

Find helpful guides and checklists that you can print at home: