Dining at the senior living community in Salt Lake City


MBKuisine is our signature dining experience created to enrich the lives of our residents on a daily basis.

We start with nutritionally balanced seasonal menus and add a variety of always available favorite selections to choose from. Within the choices offered, there are also specific options for special diets and food preferences. Our experienced Executive Chef meets with residents on a regular basis to work on upcoming menu selections, share new ideas and receive input. Many of our communities conduct resident tasting panels to garner feedback.

We recognize that an enriched dining experience can mean more than menu choices and differ from resident to resident, That's why we create the opportunity for you to select when, where and with whom you want to dine. Our MBKuisine team takes pride in getting to know what makes you happy and providing the kind of welcoming environment that "feels like home". We also embrace the chance to share our MBKuisine with your friends and family whether it is for a quick lunch during a personal visit, a special gathering in your community’s private dining room or a fun seasonal event.

Some of the unique offerings within our MBKuisine signature dining experience include:

  • Cottonwood Creek Chef's Table (read more about this below)
  • Monthly Champagne Brunch
  • Holiday and Special Occasion Celebrations

Sample Menus

Professional dining at the senior living community in Salt Lake City

Meet the Chef: Ralph Suarez

Meet Ralph Suarez, from Cottonwood Creek. He came up the ranks the old-school way, starting from the bottom and learning on the job, including training under many world-class chefs. He gets his inspiration from travel, books and other restaurants. His fish and pot roast are two crowd pleasers.

Cottonwood Creek Chef's Table

Did you know that Cottonwood Creek hosts a Chef's Table every week?

To keep things fresh and exciting, and to develop new menu items for his residents, Executive Chef Ralph Suarez hosts a Chef's Table every Thursday for a select number of lucky residents.  This restaurant-style Chef's choice meal features four courses of off-menu specialty foods with wine pairings. Residents are able to experience multi-cultural cuisines, sampling some of the trendiest foods from around the world today.

The Chef's Table elevates the entire dining experience at Cottonwood Creek, a truly unique experience we are proud to offer our residents. "It really humbles me, how much they appreciate it," said Chef Ralph.