Dining at the senior living community in Cedar Hills


MBKuisine is our signature dining experience created to enrich the lives of our residents on a daily basis.

We start with nutritionally balanced seasonal menus and add a variety of always available favorite selections to choose from. Within the choices offered, there are also specific options for special diets and food preferences. Our experienced Executive Chef meets with residents on a regular basis to work on upcoming menu selections, share new ideas and receive input.

We recognize that an enriched dining experience can mean more than menu choices and differ from resident to resident, That's why we create the opportunity for you to select when, where and with whom you want to dine. Our MBKuisine team takes pride in getting to know what makes you happy and providing the kind of welcoming environment that "feels like home". We also embrace the chance to share our MBKuisine with your friends and family whether it is for a quick lunch during a personal visit, a special gathering in your community’s private dining room or a fun seasonal event.

Some of the unique offerings within our MBKuisine signature dining experience include:

  • Monthly Champagne Brunch
  • Holiday and Special Occasion Celebrations

Sample Menus

Professional dining at the senior living community in Cedar Hills

 Meet the Chef: Michael Andelin

This time we head our to Utah to meet Chef Michael Andelin of The Charleston at Cedar Hills. He also worked his way up through the restaurant industry from dishwasher to head cook and then moved into management. He is inspired by local cuisine and likes to try and better the offerings of local restaurants. The residents' current favorites are his Texas Brisket and Clam Chowder.

"I am always walking around and talking to the residents during dining service. I know food for them is very important to their lives and I want to make sure everyone can communicate their desires to me." From resident suggestions he has created a delicious Macaroni and Cheese which is very popular as well as Slider Burgers and Chef's Choice Pizza.

"I love the home town feel of the community. I want our dining patrons and staff to have a restaurant quality dining experience with the home cooked meal feeling. The people that work with me to make that happen are wonderful and make it a joy to come to work."