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Debunking the Myths and Misnomer of Senior Living

When you think of senior living, for yourself or a loved one, what comes to mind? Thoughts of an active, engaging and caring, home-like environment? Or do you believe senior living limits seniors’ independence, privacy, choice and is cost prohibitive? In honesty, misconceptions about senior living often prevent people from even taking the first step – exploring their local senior living options. To help you take that first step, we’re exposing common myths and sharing what you’ll find when you visit The Charleston at Cedar Hills.


1. Senior living communities are hospital-like and institutional

Not at The Charleston! While some people envision a sterile institutional setting when they think of senior living, the fact is most communities offer warm, inviting environments. Nestled in a quaint Cedar Hills neighborhood, with views of Mahogany Mountain, The Charleston is highly regarded as a “hidden gem” offering award-winning senior living with abundant choice, compassionate care and a warm, home-like environment.

“Our mother was at The Charleston for over four years. Initially, she was not happy about having to leave her home, but we assured her that if she was not content, then we would move her back. Within a couple of weeks at The Charleston she did not want to leave, and insisted that this was her new home. She made wonderful friends, enjoyed great activities, and was cared for by the staff there as though she was family. I would recommend this facility without any reservations,” wrote Douglas M. in a review of The Charleston.


2. There’s no privacy, independence or choice

Not true! The Charleston offers spacious, private studio, one-and two-bedroom apartment residences. How much or how little time residents choose to spend outside of their apartment is entirely up to them. Residents aren’t limited to where they go, when they have to eat, or what to do each day. Their schedule is entirely up to them. And in fact, each and every program, service and amenity offered at The Charleston is designed to enhance and encourage our residents’ independence

Take for example our MBK Cuisine dining program. Available in our restaurant-style dining room, residents and families applaud the program for its flexibility, choice and variety. With all-day dining options, residents can choose to eat when and with whom they like. No assigned times, tables or limited menu options.

And, through The Charleston’s MBKonnections program there are so many activities, classes, outings and events that residents often live life on the go. Each day there are new choices and new engaging opportunities to try. Whether it’s participating in the weekly book club, attending the on-site church services, listening to a lifelong learning lecture, staying fit and flexible by participating in a yoga class, or joining friends and neighbors on an outing to area cultural and entertainment venues – the possibilities are endless.


3. Staying home is less expensive and besides, it’s too early to move

That’s not always the case. When you add up your month-to-month expenses, including upkeep and maintaining a home, property taxes, food, utilities, costs associated with hobbies, social events, lifelong learning or fitness programs, transportation needs, in-home care, and more – you may be spending even more than you would by living at The Charleston. The best way to be sure, is to meet with our Sales Directors and discuss your personal needs and requirements. You may just find you gain a bevy of services and amenities you couldn’t indulge in by staying in your own home.

As for timing, it may be a bit more subjective based on your individual choices and needs, however waiting to explore your options until there is an illness or health crisis is far from ideal. Not only will it rush the moving process, it may restrict which senior living options are available to you.

Now really is a good time to take a tour, and see for yourself all the wonderful aspects of senior living. Not only will you gain greater peace of mind knowing you’ve taken the time to do your research and weigh your options, you’ll have the information you need to make a decision when it’s right for you.


So, why wait? Click here to schedule a personal tour and complimentary lunch at The Charleston at Cedar Hills.

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