Home 2 Stay at the senior living community in Rocklin

Home 2 Stay

We believe that preventing unnecessary hospitalizations benefits our residents, families and health care partners. Home 2 Stay is a community based program modeled after the Interact philosophy. It is designed to provide proactive, person centered care that may enhance resident quality of life and reduce acute care hospitalizations, emergency room visits and rehospitalizations. If hospitalization does occur, we implement our care coordination process to ensure quick and sustainable transition back to the community.

MBK is one of the first senior living companies to focus on the impact that hospitalizations and rehospitalizations have on residents, families and hospital/health care professionals.Our Home 2 Stay program includes processes and tools to address conditions that may lead to hospitalization:

  • Proactive attention to resident health status changes
  • 24/7 RN consultant available to review status and recommend appropriate care changes
  • Collaboration of care with hospitals and outside care professionals before, during and after hospitalization
  • Discharge coordination and post-hospital follow up to monitor health status and resident quality of life

As part of our focused efforts over the past two years, we have been collecting community hospitalization stats. Our rates are significantly lower than the national averages.


Senior living in Rocklin has a Home 2 Stay program