Make a difference at Fairview Commons in Costa Mesa, California

Making a Difference

Focus on Community

We hold ourselves to a high standard at Fairview Commons. From our parent company, Mitsui & Co., to each of our individual communities, we strive to bring the Japanese concept of Yoi Shigoto to each of our relationships and interactions. Otherwise known as “the good work,” Yoi Shigoto allows each of our community members to embrace their genuine caring nature. We vow to think of the greater good in every decision we make. By thinking in terms of community, we expand our horizons and allow ourselves to make choices based on the greater good rather than on selfish desires or interests.

To take our commitment to the next level, MBK partners with other organizations dedicated to the good work. Each MBK community forms relationships with nonprofits and service-minded groups in the neighborhood. Some of our favorites include the Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, and Together We Rise, an organization dedicated to rethinking the foster care system.

Senior knitting at Fairview Commons in Costa Mesa, California
Strong seniors at Fairview Commons in Costa Mesa, California

What is Yoi Shigoto?

Each MBK community takes their commitment to Yoi Shigoto seriously. From our parent company, Mitsui & Co, to each of our individual communities, the good work guides everything we do. We do not strive to do the good work for personal gain but because we truly believe in goodness for goodness’ sake. That is why each community offers a number of volunteer opportunities for residents, team members, and family members who are interested. We make it our mission to put our principles into practice.

Our Commitment to the Good Work

Through great relationships, great things can happen. At Fairview Commons, we build relationships with our residents, associates, family members, neighbors, and community partners. By interacting with that support network, we carry the spirit of Yoi Shigoto and hope to inspire others to embrace the same mindset in their own lives. The concept of Yoi Shigoto includes:

  • Volunteer Opportunities for Team Members, Residents & Families
  • Increased Awareness of & Compassion for Marginalized Communities
  • Actions for Positive Impact on Local & Global Levels

Do you want to learn more about Yoi Shigoto? Contact Fairview Commons today to hear more about the ways we are doing the good work in our communities.



Happy couple at Fairview Commons in Costa Mesa, California