MBKonnection at the senior living community in Litchfield Park


At MBK Senior Living, we believe what is good for the body is good for the mind. We call this the Mind Body Konnection.

  • We are here to establish relationship based service and care.
  • This means we create positive relationships where we know our residents not just as a person but as an individual.
  • We are here to help our residents as they continue on their journey to emotional and physical wellness.
  • We are to be mindful and present so our residents can experience pure joy in life with meaning and a sense of purpose every day.

Building on the substantial body of scientific research illuminating the mind-body connection to health and well-being, our Mind Body Konnection wellness approach provides residents the opportunity to choose from a number of activities, classes and programs that enrich the whole person - mind, body and spirit. Our diverse and evolving MBKonnection calendars are designed with the specific preferences and needs of the residents living in each of our communities. Our Director of Activities is trained and supported by experienced Home Office specialists who are adept at developing and implementing innovative whole person wellness programming. Some of our newer offerings include TED Talk Debates, classes in meditation and guided imagery, lifelong learning series, laughter yoga, and so much more.

View our MBK Blog for additional resources regarding activities and programming for seniors. 



Senior living community in Litchfield Park has a MBKonnection program