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MBK Cuisine is our signature dining experience created to enrich daily living. We start with nutritionally balanced seasonal menus and a variety of always-available favorites, adding specific options for special dietary needs as needed. Our experienced Executive Chefs meet with residents on a regular basis to work on menu selections and share ideas. Best of all, it’s all available from 7am to 7pm— so dining is always on your time.

Fresh oatmeal at a MBK Senior Living community

Above The Salt: Introducing MBK Fit Flavors

Eating healthy doesn’t mean skipping out on flavor! With MBK Senior Living’s new proprietary MBK Fit Flavors seasoning blends, you’ll enjoy natural, full flavors that only serve to elevate MBK Cuisine’s nutritious, expertly prepared, and beautifully presented meals. Spicing up our menu are four new seasoning blends to complement seafood, poultry, beef, and vegetable dishes. Each exclusive blend was created as part of our commitment to whole-person wellness and healthy living. MBK Fit Flavors are low in sodium options and do not include any known allergens.

MBK Fit Flavors Beef Seasoning: A unique mix of garlic, ground coffee, cocoa powder, paprika, and more. This mixture pairs well with pot roasts, stews, briskets, steaks, and more.

MBK Fit Flavors Poultry Seasoning: A bright blend of lemon, garlic, pepper, fermented soybeans, and more to bring out a roasted flavor profile. It pairs well with chicken, duck, quail, and turkey.

MBK Fit Flavors Vegetable Seasoning: A blend of whole and broken spices, dehydrated vegetables, herbs, and seeds to deliver its signature flavor profile that complements vegetable dishes.

MBK Fit Flavors Seafood Seasoning: A zesty, balanced blend of spices including orange, lemon, lime red and green pepper, turmeric, and more. This mixture pairs well with all seafood selections.

Enjoy flavors that are truly above the salt!


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